John Richard // Bocce Ball Films

American Gothic for Orchestra; Art+Music 2017, (21min)

Arts in Public Buildings Program; Mike Metz, Stone Motorcycles, 2016 (2 min)

We Create Here; Iowa's Creative Corridor, 2013 (4 min)

Above + Beyond Cancer; Imja Tse, 2012 (13 min)

Short's Whisky, 2013 (4 min)

Directed / Filmed / Edited by John Richard

Executive Producer, Nate Kaeding + Short's Burger and Shine

Beginning in 1920, for nigh on 50 years, Short’s Shoe Shine and Repair in Iowa City sent many a shoe out onto South Clinton Street buffed to a high mirror shine. Owner and proprietor, H.D. Short, was a humble and industrious man. Our burger joint now sits in his former shop. We carry on the Short’s name with pride and strive to maintain his standard of excellence in a new century. H.D. didn’t make whiskey, but we think he’d be keen on ours. Cedar Ridge Distillery crafts small batches of our whiskey using local grains - each barrel is finished with a stave of charred bur oak harvested on the banks of the Cedar River at Kroul Farms. This attention to detail and local sourcing creates a whiskey with a distinct flavor that is authentically Iowan.

Above + Beyond Cancer; Mount Kilimanjaro, 2012 (25 min)

Directed / Filmed / Edited by John Richard

Executive Producers / Charlie Wittmack and Richard Deming

Client / Above + Beyond Cancer,

Frontier Natural Products Co-op Presents; Compass Green Truck Garden (2013)